• New Sale Racks

    Find some deals at the shop for not a lot of gold.

    Few more days of the Olympics, U.S.A.!


    These pants… marked-down under $60 

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    Dress to Impress (Ali Golden & more on sale)

    Ali Golden, Gat Rimon, Two Arrows

    Ali Golden, Gat Rimon, Two Arrows just a few of the dresses that went on sale today.

    “I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.” -Whitney Houston

    It may not be as much a man’s world anymore, but it’s still true (love you/miss you Whitney!). How could you not love the perfect dress? It’s great to go from feeling blah to feeling beautiful by slipping on a single piece from your closet. Simplicity at it’s finest.

    The weather is finally getting out of the 90s. I know a lot of you have told me you love it when it’s unbearably hot… but me, I like it when I can wear something nice and feel comfortable, there’s just more options.

    Big Star Wicker Park

    There are two nice patios directly adjacent to the shop. There’s Big Star, with it’s fancy tacos & killer margaritas (just drink one and try to not have a good time). My favorites are the piscado, alhambra & walking taco. The queso is also something to write home about. It’s a huge patio and definitely a place to be seen, but there’s often a wait to get a spot.

    I like things a bit more chill. Urbanbelly’s patio usually doesn’t have a wait and is the perfect place to spend a lovely Summer afternoon. It’s also a great choice if your saving up for the perfect dress, they have happy hour everyday from 4 to 6pm with $5 pitchers. When it starts to get cooler, the ramen is delicious, get the Jr. Ramen, it’s under $8 and sure to fill you up. I know it sounds weird but you have to try their PB&J ice-cream because… yes.


    ~ Enjoy Summer! xo

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    Moon Voyage Featured in InStyle Magazine

    InStyle Featured Moon Voyage Best Boutique in Wicker Park

    Thanks InStyle!

    Also love the quote you put with the article from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…

    “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


    enjoy summer moon voyage chicago

    No matter how busy you are, take some time each week to Enjoy Summer. For people new to the city, you can see a view like this every night in Chicago at one of the many beaches. Make sure to be there before 8:15pm. This photo happens to be from the Ohio Street Beach. Go to the far right side to catch a west-coast like reflection off the water.

    ohio street beach

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