Hi my name is Nikki Moore, with no relations to Demi Moore or Mandy Moore whatsoever. I have to admit that I may have used it to my advantage once or twice in my life. I am of half Panamanian and half Lithuanian decent with a dash of Native American.  At times I find myself secretly wishing I was French because they are so tres chic.  Some of my ancestors have been French, so I guess I’m pretty close.  I recently moved to Chicago, Illinois from a little place called Boise, Idaho. No, I am not a potato farmer nor did I grow up on a farm or drive a tractor to school, but I do love my potatoes. I decided I needed a life change and try out a new city, a bigger city.  Anyhoo, thanks to my Latina mother, I have been blessed with larger than life eyebrows that I hate to groom, which causes them to resemble Frieda Kahlo’s famous brows. Even though they stand out, they can be awesome conversation starters.  I am a bit of a night owl and enjoy tearing up the dance floors of Chicago with my questionable dance moves. I am also a huge goofball and like to speak in different accents, especially British ones.  With that being said,  if you see my out and about and I am talking like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and introduce myself as ‘Poppy’ you have been warned.

A lot of my inspiration comes from my mom, other fashion icons from the past, and the music I am obsessed with at the moment. I like to experiment a lot with my style. However, I am not a big fan of wearing pink on Wednesdays or any other day of the week… sorry I am not sorry Regina George from Mean Girls. I’m really excited to be a part of now and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. This blog is dedicated to all people Fashion, and adventure.


Nikki Moore


What’s up my fellow Fashionistas, travelers, and dreamers. My name is Susie Lee and I am a Chicago native not born but raised. I started a women’s boutique called Moon Voyage in 2012 that is reminiscent of an edgy New Yorker meets a laid back Californian. I am a 100% Korean that was born in a small town in Keokuk, Iowa, and I too wish I was French sometimes strictly for their cultural practices, like eating stinky cheese and drinking wine at all hours of the day. Not only do they know how to live it up, they ooze that effortless style.

I enjoy arts-n-crafts, classic literature, cooking for my hubby, finding and posting cat images anywhere and everywhere, knitting scarves (the only thing I can knit), Wisconsin, Korean dramas, thrifting, and working at my shop. If you were to ever visit my apartment you would think that a Michael’s crafts store and a Home Depot got together and had a good time ;) Mostly, because my man has a problem with starting ten different projects at once. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. One of his current projects, which shows you he’s all over the place, is to cure chronic migraines.  Now that you kind of got an idea of who we are, Nikki and I want to take you guys on a journey through Fashion, Art, and Travel with our likes, dislikes, and random gibberish.


Susie Lee



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