Radiant Human Aura Photography This WEEKEND!


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Sat Aug 20th

Sun Aug 21th

I can’t wait to get my aura photographed!

In the early 80s, in San Francisco, Dr. Guy Coggins started experimenting with photography & energy to see if he could capture more than meets the eye on film. What he came up with is known as aura photography. As with many fascinating ideas, the practice kind of faded into obscurity. Lucky Christina Lonsdale, a visual artists from Portland Oregon is bringing it back. She acquired one of the original cameras from Dr. Coggins himself and is taking it on the road along with her geodesic dome portrait studio.


Christina is making a stop in Chicago, one day only at our shop August 20th and 21st. It takes some time and setup to photograph your aura and explain the color meanings. Because of this it’s time-slot based. Reserve your time and learn more on her website radianthuman.com. She’s only able to take a limited number of photos during her visit to Chicago and time slots go fast, try to register ASAP.

radiant done

On another mystic note , The Wild Unknown has printed the last batch of their beloved & beautiful tarot card deck. If you’ve secretly wanted to get your hands on the iconic set, we’ve got one last deck available, when it’s gone it’s gone forever. We’ve also got a decent stock of jewelry and gems if you are looking for a lil good juju to go with ✨✨✨✨✨

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