• San Francisco’s Green Love

    Classic styles meets Eco-friendly ethics is how Amour Vert continues to create beautiful pieces made in the USA. Their effortless looks comes from a Cali vibe but still evoke a certain level of fabulous, influenced by their love of Paris glamour. Amour Vert which also means Green Love is based out of San Francisco & continues to keep us on our toes for what the next season will bring. We still are in awe of the Spring/Summer 2014 Collections & are currently carrying a few beautiful styles. These styles are all transferable from season to season, or hour to hour, come on we live in Chicago. One of our favorites is Amour Vert’s Janelle Stripes Maxi, which you can wear by itself on a hot morning or pair with a jacket for a cool night. Another piece is their Nautical Striped Dress, as seen below. It makes for a sharp dress or classic tunic. Come in and check out these sustainable pieces & remember to stay cool Chicago :)

    AmourVert Amour Vert amourverrrt



    *~* Sara

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    Our New Favorite

    Lately, it’s been all about the details & our new favorite jewelry line by Takara has made it effortless to add something bold yet unique to our jewelry collection. The new Takara Bar Necklace is a simple twist on the long rope necklace with a natural dyed ombre & a hand-hammered gold bar. It can be worn over a printed top or dress a blank canvas to really show off the goods. Other Takara goods include bracelets & rings. Who doesn’t love a good pom pom, this bracelet is cute and fun! Takara is a handmade jewelry line out of Portland, the artist behind Takara uses traditional roping techniques, natural dye processes, and hand-hammered metals creating a wearable connection to the natural world. Let’s all take a second to appreciate a design that takes jewelry to the next level, hooray!





    Takara Rope Necklace, Relic Cuff, Pom Pom Bracelet, Snake Eyes & Scribe Ring
    Takara Rope Necklace, Relic Cuff, Pom Pom Bracelet, Snake Eyes & Scribe Ring


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    Red, White & Stripes

    It might be the heatwave that is making the days blend together but is next weekend really the Fourth of July? A long weekend devoted to boats, fireworks, and the USA of course; there is no reason to complain, especially with the loooong weekeend ahead of us. ¬†Moon Voyagers love backyard BBQ’s in the sun, and this is what we want to wear. We’re all about the laid back, effortless vibe that breathes and easy pieces to lay around in. Let’s be patriotic and put on our red, white and blue, and wish America a Happy Birthday. Here are some cool style tips to keep you cool in the hot summer sun;



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    triple – double – single // summer 2014 officially starts in one week (June 21st)



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