• Festival Fever

    Though it has taken a while to feel it in Chicago, it is safe to say that spring is in the air. This can be many things, but two things specifically come to mind: 1) summer is right around the corner and 2.) Music festival season is here. Let’s whip out those high-waisted shorts and crop tops because I have a feeling that this year of music and fun in the sun is going to be one to remember! SXSW and Ultra have already come and gone but there are still many of the big festivals like Coachella, Governors Ball, Bonaroo and Lollapalooza to look forward to. Having said that, I have decided to help my fellow music lover and fashionistas put their best foot forward.  Let’s be honest here music festivals these days are the true runways of the Spring and Summer. I have put together a few of my favorite Spring and Summer looks that I feel embody the soul of each of the festival. In order to help answer the question that is on all of our minds… here are my favorite go-to looks.

    Coachella: its right around the corner and it is where you can release you inner 70′s Bohemian, hippie self. Think Woodstock meets California. Just make sure to pack a chic light sweater for those cool desert nights.

    1.) long black dress with belt and hat
    2.) hight waitsted shorts with cardigan
    3.) flower jumpsuit with gray shirt

    voyager-pre-spring-2014-25 voyager-pre-spring-2014-2


    Governor’s Ball: It is probably the most high fashion of all the festivals since it takes place in the Big Apple and anyone who is anyone in the industry will be wearing the latest and coolest summer looks. Make sure to mix and match your coolest pieces and don’t be scared to take some risks with your wardrobe because that is fully acceptable here.

    1.) long red dress with leather jacket
    2.) black short dress
    3.) mary meyer pants and pink top

    voyager-pre-spring-2014-4 voyager-pre-spring-2014-8


    Bonaroo: Elton John is performing this year… that pretty much sums it up as to what you should dress like. Think hot summer days and nights, camping, and not showering. In order to stay cool keep it lightweight with the fabrics you choose.

    1.) tye dye shorts with crop top
    2.) linen pants with crop top
    3.) long skirt with white crop top

    voyager-pre-spring-2014-19 voyager-pre-spring-2014-13


    Lollapalooza: It is the last one of the festivals and since there are fun after parties choose outfits that can take you from day to night effortlessly.

    1.) blue jumpsuit
    2.) cheetah jumper
    3.) black jumpsuit

    voyager-pre-spring-2014-10 voyager-pre-spring-2014-3


    XOXO Nikki

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    Let’s Romp

    Howdy, it’s been awhile. Let’s just say I was hibernating this winter. This was probably one of the snowiest, slushiest, windiest, blizzardiest (If this is not a real word, it is now) winters in a long time. Having said that, Winter is always followed by Spring, and it is officially the second day of Spring! To me Spring means one thing; no more coats, seaters, boots, etc… Girls, take out those flirty little dresses, and most importantly the Romper and/or Jumpsuit.


    What I love about these things are that they are a all-in-one outfit. The beauty of this all-in-one is that there is no guesswork. There is no need to look for a bottom to a top, done and done. Also, another great thing is that you can excuse yourself from being a lady and lounge around without exposing yourself. I’m more of a tomboy than a lady so these will be in rotation all Spring and Summer. Get your Romper on.

    Nikki and Susie xoxo



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    Be Mine

    These are the three things that would be on my wish list for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, I know this legit holiday has turned very commercial, but let’s play along for gift’s sake (wink o_~).

    The Three Stack Ring Set is the perfect color that’s neither yellow gold or silver. I like rings in sets because you can wear them all on one finger or mix em’ up. There are also a great price and happen to be one of my favorite designers, Dream Collective.

    You need this slouchy beanie not only because it is the perfect red, but because it’s lined in fleece. Fleece+perfect red=the best beanie you will ever own!

    Last but not least is this quintessential leather jacket that every lady needs in her wardrobe. There are some really good reasons for owning this jacket. Let me count the ways…one, it is a collaboration with Edith A. Miller (known for their striped knits), and Schott NY(known for their awesome leather jackets). Two, it is lined in Edith A. Miller cotton striped fabric (sooo soft and cozy), and it is beautifully made. Three, it’s on SALE. Four…Do I need to say more?!

    So, start hounding your man. Drop hints. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    P.S. You can find all these must have’s at Moon Voyage


    Susie Lee

    rangs Plush_Accessories_STILL


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    You Had Me At MSGM

    This unisex line from Italy is probably my favorite right now, especially with Spring around the corner. Their floral prints are dominating the collection from the full skirts to their mesh tops. It’s a high end fashion line but not stuffy in the least. I’m so into how they mix bold patterns with their tops and bottoms. It’s a hard thing to master, but they seem to get it right every time.


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    It’s a New Year

    The holidays are over, the lights are put away, and the Champagne glasses are empty. Dread. But! There is always a silver lining my friends, big sales and Spring fashion! It always throws me off when I see a pair of shorts or a cotton dress on the racks in the middle of January, but it always seems to put a smile on my face. This can only mean that we have Spring and Summer right around the corner. Don’t let the Polar Vortex get you down. Shop til’ you drop and look forward to seeing the new season of fashion :)

    Now that the fear of getting frost bite is over (for now), it’s a perfect time to plan out January. It’s a new year after all. I’m not big on resolutions, and can never keep them, so I don’t even waste my time trying. Instead I try to be more realistic and make small goals that I can focus on. My plan will go something like this. Find a good book, try knitting something other than a scarf, plan a trip(super easy), learn some new tricks on my camera, go to the gym one extra day, eat better and organize my office. Wish me luck!

    P.S. I leave you with a picture of Grumpy Cat being grumpy.

    Happy New Year!




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